Friday, October 3, 2008

Double Qs at KMart

My 3 oldest girls just got back from a phenomenal trip to our local KMart. Some of the KMarts are having double coupon days, up to a $2 Q! That's a ton of savings.

I know some items are difficult to see. Since our store is not a Super K, we got nearly all toiletries and cleaning items, with some cat food and air fresheners thrown in for variety. There are also razors, carpet cleaner, Endust, Visine, first aid non-stick pads, as well as lots of shampoo, shaving gel, and toothpaste!

I spent about 90 minutes this AM researching prices, pulling Qs and making a list. Each person could use up to 75 Qs with 4 identical items for each person.

We got all in the above picture, plus some items we just could not fit up there on top of our chest freezer ($576.44 retail value) for $57.44 ($20.99 for items plus $36.45 for tax). That's 9.9% of the original cost, the majority of it being the tax cost.

The beauty of a family that works together was that in just a few minutes we had everything brought in and sorted, then divided into items to be stored in our pantry, with others ready for selling to a local store (hi, Tammy and Vik!). I remember the day when all my children were young (and it doesn't seem that long ago) when a shopping trip of this size would have taken me most of a day to unload from the car, unpack, then put away.

What a blessing.


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