Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Month Curves Report

Blog posts w/o pictures are not well-read!

One thing I've had to combat since I got somewhat serious about becoming more fit and less fat is comparing myself to others. I have a problem with this on every level of life, but this is just one example.

I did not go to Curves all last week because I was so ill and couldn't imagine jogging and using the machines w/o keeling over in exhaustion. So this week has, in a sense, seemed like starting all over again.

I got weighed and measured yesterday. I didn't want to because of missing all last week's workouts, but I had to nonetheless. I was pleasantly surprised. Now that you're dying to know, I'll make you wait a little longer. Keep in mind (especially if you've never seen me or it's been a long time) that I am huge. There, I said it. I have a long way to go. Secondly, any praise goes to God, without Whom none of this "accomplishment" would be possible.

Yesterday's report...since 7/15/08 (2 months) I've lost a total of 9-1/2 pounds and 16-1/2 inches. I am so pleased. The measurements are a total of chest, waist, abdomen (4" below waist) and hip measurements.

Off for a celery stick,

~Joan, who is just kidding about the celery stick

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