Thursday, September 18, 2008

Identify Mystery Flower?

I planted a bulb/root/rhizome/something for this plant in the early spring. I've been babying it all summer. It has climbed up the side of our stoop railing. I jokingly call it the Jack in the Flowerstalk. My problem? It's been so long since I planted it that I can't remember what the name of it is. It was a new-to-me plant. The bloom is about 4" across. Isn't it lovely?

~*~*~ Late breaking news...the word is in. The above bloom is a dahlia. Thanks to an anonymous commentor. ~*~*~

I am finishing and listing a scrappy strips quilt today. I have it all pieced, I just need to finish pressing it. I would say "ironing", but my DH would never believe that I was looking forward to ironing anything, so pressing it is.



Anonymous said...

It is a dahlia !
Very beautiful flower !

Patti said...

Somebody beat me to it. It is indeed a dahlia. Dahlias grow from rhizomes. Depending on your climate they will come back the following year if you leave them in the ground, or you need to dig up the rhizomes in the fall and store them for the winter in a cool dry protected place. There are dozens and dozens of varieties of dahlias. My dad grew incredible dahlias when I was small. Some of the blooms were at least 8-10 inches in diameter. My mother had a beautiful crystal bowl in which she would float one magnificant bloom.