Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Christmas Stitchery Project on the Horizon

I took the above picture from my new b-friend, Donna's, blog. Read her post about it here, with more pictures. I ordered the same kit, and it arrived today. Actually the "kit" is just the center. It includes the sandcastle fabric, the thread, and the star button. The words are printed on the cloth. Notice that the words form a Christmas tree shape. How clever is that? I hope to make mine just like hers with the inner border and HSTs.
Coupon alert...if you've purchased the latest "All You" magazine (which is a treasure trove of coupons), there is a $1 off Peter Pan peanut butter coupon in the center. The Food Lions here have it on sale this week for $3 for 2. With the coupon, that makes it 50 cents for an 18-ounce package. Sweet!!

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