Monday, August 4, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Donna, over at With Needle in Hand is the winner of my coupon contest. She was the closest, but still a long way off. Her guess was $1,456. It was a mere 44% of the correct total--$3.307.35. I'm such a number cruncher these days!

Donna, please email me your snail mail address, and I'll get your envelope of $50 worth of coupons to you right away.

~Joan, who no longer views a coupon as a pesky piece of paper.


The Mom said...

Hi - are you Joan from MOMYS? I haven't read your whole blog yet, but the pic of your haircut didn't look to me at all like what you looked liked when I knew you, unless of course I do I have the wrong lady!

It's Henrietta, from momys - from England, with 12 children; my blog is at

I would love to get caught up.

I very much admire your quilting skills!

Cindy said...


Would you please come to my house and organize my coupons? OK, so they need to be clipped first, and I probably need a paper to do that... How about just coming for a cup of tea ?:) I cut coupons every so often, but I ALWAYS forget about them and the whole venture ends up being a waste of time. sigh...

Looks like a great system though. Maybe after I have this baby I'll give it a try again.

I had to do a triple take on Susannah's picture - that can not be the same 'little' Susannah we knew??!! We can't wait to get up that way in Dec. and hopefully see your clan - maybe in time for Christmas Cookies? :) yumm-O

grammy said...

That is great that you can give away expired coupons. I just hoped over from Life As Mom. Can anyone tell me waht CVS coupons are..I would love to learn all this coupn stuff.