Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seed Success

My Seeds of Kindness quilt (hand-cut and hand-pieced) as of 10 minutes ago. It is now 18 rows by 18 rows (that's 324 cores so far). While it was laid out on the floor of the porch, I planned 2 more rows. The cores I have cut out that are as-of-yet unused are all greens, reds, and golds. If you could donate some blacks, blues, purples, and oranges, I'd be so grateful. This is the screened-in porch where I stitched this AM. Since everyone (except for me) has been staying up w-a-a-a-a-y late, I am usually the first and only one up for a while. In a few hours it will be too hot for me to be out there. Now it's only 70 degrees.

I continue to be amazed at how flat the Seeds of Kindness quilt is staying. This is my first hand-pieced project, and I've been told that this is a difficult shape. I am stitching one set of cores together, flipping the quilt so that the "smile" side is facing me. So every other set, I have to flip the quilt around. It makes a much flatter seam. I picked up that trick from Shar somebody on We don't have a TV at home, so I'm not familiar with all these folks' names. I think her quilt is called Apple Cider.

My DH is taking the girls to the lake today. That means the boys will be here playing video games, swimming, eating, more swimming, watching movies, etc. I get to be chief cook and bottle washer for them today.

Hope your day is a blessed one.



Jeanne said...

It just gets more beautiful every time you show it. You have a lovely place to stitch, too.

Karen said...

I can send you a darkish grayish blue. Tell me what size, I have about a quarter yard.


Karen said...


I have a dark blue-gray print if you would like it. Let me know what size you need.


Meredith said...

let me know what colors you need and what style (thimble berries etc ) and I can send fabric your way. I do read your blog I just never comment. :)

Caryn said...

Wow, its getting so big! I wish I had more thimbleberries to send you!