Monday, July 14, 2008


I just noticed that my LAST post was my 150th one. Hahaha...some of you probably thought I'd hit that milestone my second week of blogging at the rate I started. Here are a few shots from our family lake day last week.

~Rachel with a new "friend". I don't even want to know where it was before it was in her hand!

~DH on the jet ski (ummm...I think you're supposed to face the other way). He must have been getting ready to tow someone on skis or the "airhead" (see below).

~Emily getting some sunshine

~Luke before his new hairdo (updates tomorrow)

Hope your evening is a great one.



Katie said...

Great photos! :-)

I nominated you for an award. You can read about it on my weblog.


Marcie said...

What great pics of your family! Obviously you are all having a ball, and what a great place to stay!