Monday, May 19, 2008

Grocery List ~ by Request

No pictures for this post. I've had some write and ask me what in the world I bought at the store today (for the receipt shown in the last post). Here is a complete list for that store (normal shelf price in parenthesis)...

6 Mott's Juice for Tots ($2.49 each)
10 Knorr's Side Dishes (rice and pasta mixes...$1.29 each on special 10 for $10)
4 BBQ sauces ($2.19 each)
10 Hellmann's mayonnaise ($3.99)
6 Worcestershire sauces ($2.95)
9 Grill blends (rubs for meats...$2.45)
9 Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza mixes ($2.94)
2 dozen eggs ($2.09)
1 Suave Deoderant ($2.19)

Email me for the "secret" to shopping for these items and how I ended up paying $17.66. There is a method.

~Joan, who is stockpiling everything she can at rock-bottom prices


Jodi said...

Hi ! Kairle entered my Quilt Market Give Away today and she sent me to you! I saved $35 on my grocery bill today and was bragging about it! My word! I'm now much curious as to how you saved over $100 !!! Fantastic !!!

Kathie said...

ok, so what's the secret????

Richelle said...

I need to know your secret. Please share:)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I bite...what's the secret...and can I get it to work in th UK :o)

Wendy said... now have my'd you do that????

Sandra Coleman Clarke said...

Hi, I too would like to know your tactics. Thanks, Sandra

Eileen said...

Well, it must be in coupons but how that much . You must have bought more than that short list you gave. With a large family I'm sure it is worth your time to go though all the papers for coupons. Tell Us.