Monday, May 19, 2008

Grocery $aving$

Some of you have wondered why I haven't been posting as much as when I started the blog back on December. What am I doing with my time? Why don't I make a new queen-sized quilt every week (that's for you, Marcie!)? Well, I am devoting myself to making shopping an art form.

Notice the above close-up of one of my receipts from this AM. That's me in the lower picture, displaying my mile-long receipt (over 2/3 of it was coupons).

Email me if you want details, ladies. I can get you on the road to grocery savings. Glory to God for grocery savings!



Leah S said...

Lemme guess, Teeter-Harris' triple coupon days? ;)

I don't have on of those around (mine will double up to a dollar), but I do fairly well at CVS these days. Nothing like free toothpaste! :D

Libby said...


Kathie said...

ok give us the details
with the cost of everything going up I would love to be able to save on my grocery bill at least!

Katie said...

Ok. I'll bite. HOW???

PianoWoman said...

Wow! How were you able to save that much??

Elaine Adair said...

Me too, I'll bite ... how????

Marcie said...

OK, that's just crazy! You must be the super-shopper of all time! The store must cringe when they see you coming!