Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Snip, Snip!

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging as much the past few days is that I've been busy giving many of my 9 other family members hair cuts.

This AM I cut my youngest daughter's hair. It was all one length, poker straight. She's growing bangs out. Her hair was about 6" past her 10-year-old shoulders. I trimmed it about an inch and cut layers in the last 6". It must have looked good because shortly afterwards (as in moments), my 16-year-old asked me to cut hers the same way. Here I am about halfway through aforementioned 16-year-old's hair. It was only then that I thought, "Stink! I should have taken before and after pictures." Here is the side I haven't cut yet. It's nearly one length. The top layers were damaged from sun exposure, and they are a much lighter color than the rest of her hair. We can fix that (snip, snip). Emily's hair has some wave/curl to it, and it's very thick, so it's forgiving (and she is, too, so no chances of being sent to the nasty nursing home if she makes the decision later).
Here she is, half finished. Her left is not cut (YOUR right in the picture). And that's the hairdresser's forearm in the picture with the trusty scissors. She looks pretty happy for only having half a haircut. Think how ecstatic she'll be when I'm finished!! In this picture you can see the layers. I cut it dry, so it isn't showing the natural curl now. I'll post an after-hair-washing picture later tonight.
Bet you can hardly wait!


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Lisa Boyer said...

You're so handy! Good for you--looks great.