Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

No, I didn't find my missing row. Thank you to those who were concerned that I was losing my sanity, marbles, grip on life, etc., etc. as well.

It's about 40" square now. Continues to grow!

Here is a picture of my accomplishments from last night on the Seeds of Kindness. I have added a couple rows and laid out two more. I feel better now.



Eileen said...

So glad you found your missing row. Where was it? Did you clean out your bag? Bet things are neater now. LOL

Libby said...

Lookin' good . . . it's growing so quickly.

Michelle said...

Your SAK quilt is coming along nicely...I've enjoyed following along as you post your progress! I can't believe there are that many different Thimbleberries fabrics!