Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yesterday's Work in Pictures...

Above is a pic of ALL I have left from the 1930's string blocks I inherited at Thanksgiving. I'm so proud that I was able to wait until I studied them to make sure I used as much of them as I could. All that is left from the trimmings is the handful of 3/4-1" wide pieces above. Not even enough to make a block w/o a zillion seams. Below is the layout I decided on. After the blocks were trimmed, some of the knots were cut off, so I wanted to stabilize the blocks ASAP. Here is the result (minus the navy blue borders I'm now cutting and about to attach...

This top is about 55" x 66-1/2". I am adding 9" borders. I am eager to start hand-quilting this. I enjoy looking at each fabric when I hand quilt. These blocks STINK! That is the result of 77 years of storage who-knows-where! Most of the fabrics are small checks and some stripes. Makes me think they are leftovers from making clothing for children, aprons, and that kind of thing.

Below is a close-up of the thread used to sew the strings together. Does anyone know what was used for "string" in those days? It is so thick, and leaves huge holes where it's been pulled out.

Please enlighten me!

I didn't want to buy fabrics to finish it, so I chose a navy blue Thimbleberries Christmas Street print. It was dark enough to contrast with the blocks, and I have a 20-yard bolt of it! I want to use something light for backing. It will be quilted with white thread, and I don't want the thread to show on the back...much. I'm going to quilt inside each "string" to accentuate and strengthen them. I hope it turns out well.

Should be a nice throw size when I am finished. I'm going to quilt with navy thread in the borders with free-hand drawn fans if I can stand it. I am a perfectionist, and suffer because of it.



Kucki68 said...

The dark blue plays the string quilts off wonderfully. Looks great!

Idaho Quilter said...

When finished you will love it, must be labor of love to quilt it by hand. I understand the need to though.

Ila said...


I read someplace that closing up your stinky textiles with used dryer sheets in a plastic bag for a while might help. But please use a CLEAR garbage bag!