Saturday, December 29, 2007

DD4 I Spy Quilt Top

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For those of you who have been patiently is my DD4's I Spy quilt top. I have to quilt it, and one of the other girls will sew down the binding. We try to include "boy" and "girl" fabrics for the center so it can be used by all.

The outer border on this one is one of my favorites...a Timeless Treasures black with crayons and squiggles floating around on the background.

Busy day here at the Parker ranchero. My DH asked each of our 8 children (at the breakfast table) what they needed as far as "Daddy time" today. My DD3 asked him to help them clean off and organize our patio. Bless her heart, she has a lot of me in her! They went through our many bicycles, garden tools, yard machines (mowers, trimmers, etc.) and got that area all cleaned up. What a great difference that will make now and in the future!

I plan on going up and cleaning up my bedroom. It's the toxic dump for all the extra stuff we have that doesn't have a home. I need to better organize my decorations. We have many seasonal decorations that tend to float about in my room if they're out of season. I think I should invest in a couple more plastic large bins with lids to have places for all these things. Some are floral arrangements and things that don't pack well. I need to get those together.

How do YOU store your wall quilts when they're not on walls? We have many, many (and I do mean MANY) wall quilts of various sizes. What happens is that I make an every day quilt for a wall space, then I make a Christmas one for that same place (similar size, matching room, and so on). They I make a patriotic one. Hmmm...a fall quilt would look nice, wouldn't it? But where do these quilts live when they are not on a wall? In my bedroom, of course! I don't want to fold the large (over 40") ones because they get near-permanent wrinkles in them. Fortunately, there are only 2 places where I have ones that large.

You can peek at my Web shots album to see some of these. I should photograph those that aren't in there for posterity's sake, too.

Off to attack that messy bedroom (or at least a small portion thereof...need a few minutes to hand quilt, too!)...



Kathie said...

I hang them with skirt hangers in my closet.
and every couple of months I move them around so they hang differently each time and no one area has the stress all year.

Idaho Quilter said...

I have several Christmas wall hangings, I roll them on a fabric covered cardboard tube, right toward the tube. I tie a ribbon around them and stand them on end at the end of the hall or in the closet, out of the sunlight.
I don't like to fold the quilts. My large quilts I store in pillow cases in a large trunk, and refold them every 6 months or so. You are one busy lady. Happy quilt, and Happy New Year.