Monday, October 21, 2019

{Post 1,693} Second Vintage Quilt is Machine Quilted

A couple weeks a customer brought over two vintage quilts. This is the second one I’ve quilted. It has so many interesting vintage fabrics.

Here it is hanging over the edge of my quilt frame:

I am curious about the seamstress. It is all sewn by hand. I think she started at one side of the quilt and assembled the rows. The reason for this is because all the blocks with an odd piece are in the last two rows to the right. Here’s what I mean:

See the fabric substitutes? Also, her work fell off in the last two rows. The rest is virtually perfectly pieced. Then there are many blocks in the last two rows where the piecing is (while still lovely) less than stellar in quality. It could be that two people pieced the quilt...a teacher and an apprentice. If only fabric could talk!

Here is a block that is so ugly it is beautiful:

The middle square finishes at one inch square. But there are several places where a background fabric is pieced. I have done this in my quilts, but it is because I am frugal. I guess that was the case back then, too.


julieQ said...

My mom made quilts like her ALS progressed, her blocks would get wonkier and wonkier! I am so glad you are finishing these up...lovely!

handmade by amalia said...

These quilts are lovely. I wouldn't know where to begin.