Tuesday, January 1, 2019

{Post 1,598} Pillows are Perfect

One of the challenges of our new-to-us living room is matching our new rug with other things. To be honest, I LOVE the rug. It is thick and plush. I like the colors and the pattern. My husband, OTOH, is not a big fan. He liked it when we picked it out and the thumbnail was 1-1/2” square, but seeing it in living color is a bit much for him. Our former decor was more regulated—our new rug is sporadic. There are touches of orangish-red and aqua-bright-blue. I am seeking to draw those out in small amounts in some throw pillows as well as leaning more towards not-so-regulated patterns. I am going to change this some more, but here are some pillow ideas I’ve been playing with making.

I am actually going with the second one down, the mixed-up-color-random one. I will be making two pillows, so I will divide the blues and oranges between the two and add some golds and dark creams to complement the rug more. It is very dark now, so I will post a picture of the rug soon. The dark brown is the actual pillow background fabric that I plan to use.

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