Saturday, January 20, 2018

{Post 1,575} Not Progress After All

Well, I was just bragging on my speedy piecing skills. It's kinda like a long trip when you realize you're making great time, but you're completely lost. My quilt is composed of A and B blocks. A's have dark squares on the corner. B's have light squares. Instead of making 7 more B squares, I made 7 more A's. So now I have:

1.  A quilt that will be twice as large, that needs 14 more B blocks.

2.  A baby quilt that still needs 7 more B blocks.

3.  Another long-term scrap project, because I need another project like I need another hole in my head (to quote my grandmother).

4. A headache-free head, since this easy piecing has helped my headache of 3 days go away!!

Stay tuned to see which is correct. This was not a test. Just a fun piecing morning. This gives me the opportunity to add in some more brightly-colored squares as well. Win/win.

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