Monday, June 6, 2016

[Post 1,523] One More Post For Tonight

My fellow blogging friend, Julie, has one of these quilts as her blog header picture.  I just winged it and am making one from hers.  No pattern.  One of my daughters has claimed this as her Christmas quilt this year.  I am making a piano-string border.  This is the center completely sewn together.

One of my friends made me two little "shelves" for under my sewing machine and desk area.  They allow my knees to bend at just the right angle and make less strain on my back.

Here is the back of an I Spy quilt for one of my little guys.  I forgot to take a picture of the front, but it was bold 4-patches alternating with novelty prints.

One of my long-time friend's daughter is getting married this Friday.  W-a-y back on April 29 she came over and we pieced this together.  We took turns.  I cut while she sewed (and then I pressed), and then I sewed for a while while she pressed.  In a short time, we had all the blocks sewn, pressed, and laid out.  She took them home to sew together into a center (no borders).

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