Sunday, August 30, 2015

{Post 1,489} Expendable Labor Coach

Expendable labor coach was one of the hats I wore this weekend.  I was also hostess to 15, B & B manager, and a few other things!

One of my dear friends that is my daughters' age asked me to come with her when she delivered her baby.  Well, labor started this morning at 1:15 AM.  At 8:35 AM, little Everett was happily received by his ecstatic parents.  He is 3 minutes old in the picture.  I waited until he was prettied up.

Much relief and joy right here.


Leeanne said...

A women with many hats!

julieQ said...

How awesome! I am so happy
for you all!

Ruth said...

That sounds exciting! I guess she figured you had plenty of experience along those lines. :-)