Saturday, June 13, 2015

{Post 1,484} Three Mini Quilts Finished

I have a customer for whom I have made a 12" quilt for every month of the year as well as an everyday one.  The everyday is my favorite.  Truly.  Here it is first:

Here are July and August (obviously):

I like them all.  I don't know what I was thinking, saying I'd make them all for her.  Quilts take so much longer than I think they will.

We had vacation Bible school all last week.  It was draining.  I did very little sleeping or sewing!  Insomnia--the silent killer.

I want to make a few quick baby quilts to have on hand.  Anyone have a favorite quick pattern that finishes about 40" square?


Ruth said...

All are so nice! I have always wanted to have a set, but never gotten around to it. No favorite baby quilt. A good idea, though, to have a few on hand. Have you ever had a sleep study?

Susan said...

Very nice mini quilts Joan! I had that very same "what was I thinking" comment roll through my brain when I agreed to make a quilt for someone years ago. Yes, we're being nice when we do it but I have decided NEVER AGAIN! Life and other things get in the way and for me it just turned into more stress. The quilt with the bird....did you follow a pattern for that? I especially love that one and it would look good on my stand on the mantle. Baby quilts...I wish I had a pattern to pass on but I haven't made one in a long time. Time is usually against me so I buy baby gifts these days.

Gypsy Quilter said...

What fun! I used to do a lot of baby quilts and liked the 9 patch with alternate snowball block. All bright colors worked well.

Valerie said...

Your mini quilts are beautiful!!! I love the flip flops. :)

Karen said...

My favorite is the mini with the pot of flowers and the bird. Nicely done.

Nana said...

Hi, you asked about fairly easy quilt patterns for baby quilts... how about the disappearing 9 patch. I have made two quilt tops. They really look old fashioned and pretty.