Monday, May 18, 2015

{Post 1,481} Amazing Weathered/Beach Wood Treatment

I have made a few of these metal star with berry wreath on chicken wire hangings for my daughter, sister, and friend recently.  Doesn't that sound like a Hallmark commercial?  Anyway, one of my other daughters asked if I would make one for her with "weathered wood", a cream star, and brown chicken wire.   I love everything about this, but especially the L-shaped connectors that hold the mitred wood frame together.  They don't show up much in the picture.

I found this treatment on good ole Pinterest, and let me tell you, it works like a charm.  

Put steel wool in a canning jar and cover with vinegar (I used white).  Let sit 12-24 hours.  Mine sat 36.

When your vinegar/steel wool solution is ready, brew two tea bags in about a cup of water.  I used orange pekoe because that's what I had.  When the water is really dark, take out and discard the bags.  Brush the tea water on your naked wood with a cheap paintbrush or foam brush.  All it does is make the wood look wet.

Here is the bare wood:

Here is the tea-wetted wood:

Rinse off your brush.  Take your white vinegar/steel wool solution and brush it on with the same brush.  Here is the first edge.  This happened immediately although I'm hearing that different woods react differently.

Here are all sides of all 4 pieces brushed with steel wool/vinegar water right after I brushed the last piece.  


Kath said...

How very interesting, thanks for the tip Joan.

Susan said...

That looks AWESOME Joan! You'd pay a pretty penny for something like that in a store. It's great that you not only show your quilt projects but your crafty one's as well :o)