Monday, March 2, 2015

{Post 1,470} Baby Quilt Reveal

Finished this on Saturday.  I didn't realize the Minkee would come in so far, so some of my appliqued circles got cut off.  I debated about ripping them out, but they are still there!  They were fused down, and I figured pulling them off would ruin the background fabric.  These Minkee fabrics are soooo cuddly.  

This measures about 45" square.  Larger than I usually make for a newborn, but a nice size.  Looks much better in person than in the picture.

Nothing is quilted, just layered.  I machine zigzagged around the edge where the Minkee meets the background fabric as well as about 1/2" inside the outer border to secure the folded edge of the Minkee inside the border.

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helen said...

I think that the fact that some circles got "cut off" adds mouvement to it, just as if the "bubbles" or circles or marbles would be coming out of the frame and disappear on the other side! It's really a lovely quilt!
Best wishes!