Thursday, January 29, 2015

{Post 1,461} A Little HST Star Progress

A few days ago I took this picture:

Then I had 32 people here for supper (a backwards meal...dessert, entree, appetizers, and drinks) on Tuesday.  While I recovered from all the cooking and cleaning, I pieced a few more sashings and 9-patches.  Here is where it is right this minute:

Since it is very close to being ready for borders, I don't want to take it down to pack up again.  This quilt top started when I found many HSTs of the same size in my stash(es).  As I wondered how to use them up, a "star" was born.

My design walls are 48" wide each, so this gives you an idea of how large it is so far.

I think I'll use the same cream fabric (or maybe surprise myself and pick a different color) for the setting triangles on the sides and corners.  Now that I've introduced that idea, I think a dark fabric would be splendid!!

I don't have to piece any more HSTs, so the rest of this is a snap.

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Janet O. said...

Really like this. Very pretty!