Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{Post 1,453} Five Hours In

Five hours later...I have taken a couple very short breaks so I didn't burn out.  I'm quitting for the day now.  Here are a few shots of the transformation so far:

From the closets before:


Where my quilting machine is going to live:

From the door to the room before:


Most of the "mess" along the wall over by my green-curtained cutting table is quilts or quilt tops.  Just need to fold them and put them away.  

Whew--I feel like I accomplished a lot today.  Still lots more to do.

Anyone want a package of very small bits of Thimbleberries?  


pamela thorne said...

Looking good! I know you are excited about having a dedicated studio again.

Kath said...

I would love them Joan,as long as you let me pay for the postage to England!
I am enjoying your transformation.

Ruth said...

I feel your happiness! Your DH had a great idea and I have often thought that we don't really need a large room as a bedroom because you mainly sleep in there. Using your larger bedroom for sewing makes good sense. BTW, did you know that clicking on your pictures does not enlarge them as on most blogs - in fact they seem a little smaller. I wonder if clicking on "X-large" when you are posting the pictures would help. Good luck with your new sewing studio!

Me and My Stitches said...

Looking great!! Are you sewing yet? LOL!

Diane said...

I'll admit that I'm tired just looking at the photos of all the work you've done! What a lot you have accomplished though. Sounds like you solved several problems and the solutions look great. Enjoy your hard work!