Saturday, October 25, 2014

{Post 1,445} Center of Runner Pieced

These are some shirt crumb blocks I made while piecing some more String Squares blocks.  I finished 16 more of the SS blocks!

I am making these crumb blocks into a table runner for my cousin once removed.  We have just recently reconnected after about 40 years on Facebook.  Her posts encourage me.  She has such a strong sense of family.  I am mailing it to her as a surprise.  

Must add a wide border, quilt, bind, and label it first!

It is 17" x 13" now.  I will add a 2" border all around from the same shirt and then a binding.  The small blocks are 4" square unfinished.  I had some tiny crumbs.  These type of quilts intrigue me.  

I used the same red shirt for the 20 tiny (1" unfinished) cornerstones.

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