Saturday, August 30, 2014

{Post 1,410} Second Post Today...News

I have been waiting to tell my blog friends this, but it looks like I might start working in a local quilt shop.  I found out about the shop last week and stopped in to check it out.  Anywho, I got to talk to the owner's daughter, explaining my love of all things fabric, quilting history, former and present online store, etc.  I asked her if they would considering hiring me part-time.  She said they weren't looking for anyone, but asked me to leave my phone number and email address.

She emailed me Wednesday and asked me to come fill out an application (they didn't even have any the week before).  Then she asked me to come in for an interview yesterday.  She called yesterday and asked if we could reschedule the interview (we have not picked a day).  I got the impression she really wants to hire me.  

I have not worked in 18 years.  Almost 19.  I am sort of worried how my employment will affect our family life.  But I am itching to do something different.  This might be it.  I will keep you posted.

This is my second post today.  Don't miss my last one!!


Leeanne said...

Oh so exciting Joan! I work part time at a quilt shop as well as running my quilting business from home. I love it! I wish you the best. I am sure you will be snapped up!

Michelle said...

How exciting! They'll love having you and your wealth of quilting knowledge!