Saturday, April 19, 2014

{Post 1,347} Getting There With Sewing Space

Here is the view left to right in my sewing area in my bedroom.  So many little things got done, but I must stop and machine quilt a baby quilt for a week from today.  

The mini quilts above the ironing station (last pic) are just taped in place.  I actually have at least 2 more but don't know where they are right now.  

There will be a curtain on the edge of the ironing station to hide the plastic drawers eventually.

Wes built a shelf lifter so I can store bolts of fabric under the cutting table.  That means my green shelf by the door does not have to be used in its entirety for fabric bolts!  Yea!!

It goes the whole way across.  Eventually I will get all the many boxes and bins of stuff in here organized.  All in good time.  I want to make new curtains for the bookshelf, ironing station, and cutting table.  The green ones have been with me a very long time.  There are more minis to (find and) put up.  

But now--the baby quilt is calling.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh my - you've put so much work and time and thought into this space - I am envious of the result!

GOOOD job!!!

Ruth said...

It's looking great - and very organized! I love the mini quilts on the wall.

Michelle said...

Your sewing area is looking wonderful! You have done a great job setting it up!