Monday, March 31, 2014

{Post 1,343} Pegboard Up And Nearly Full

I bought one pegboard hardware kit at the hardware store.  It was more than enough for all I need so far.  The above arrangement will have some tweaking, I'm sure.  

So happy to realize that there were "shelf brackets" for me to set my basket of misc. stuff on!  

I had the idea of using a skirt hanger to keep my in process blocks hung on.  I can always move those if I run out of room.  

I decided against hanging my rulers on there.  If I keep them to the left on the rack, I can access any one of them without removing those in front of it (if they were hanging).  Very pleased with it so far.

I also had the idea of putting a vinyl clip on my steno notebook that I use for note taking all the time in the process of counting pieces, planning designs, etc.  It looks like it will work very well.


Ruth said...

It's looking good! I can see the benefit of having to re-organize, but it's not something we do very often unless forced to (speaking of me, anyway).

Gayle said...

What a tidy cutting area you have - I'm very impressed! Did you mount the pegboard flush to the wall? Or is there some kind of spacer behind it. Such a great idea!