Monday, October 14, 2013

{Post 1,266} Fireplace Progress

Well, it seems like I left out a bit of crucial information.  I am painting the bricks surrounding the fireplace and mantle to match the walls.  They will be the same color as my sewing room is now, a soft greenish gray.  I still have the edge of the bricks on the right to do all the way up and about half of the bricks facing the room on the hearth.  Then there's the 5/6ths of the top part.  

I think I'll get done priming tomorrow.  The primer has covered well, and I'm hoping to just put a coat or two or paint on top of this.  I think painting it to match the wall will make the room less dark as well as making the fireplace not stick out so much.  Never dreamed it would be so tedious.


Sherrill said...

Oh ugh, I've got the same thing staring me in the face except mine has a LOT more bricks than yours and they aren't all even like yours. Been researching ideas as to what to do with it but haven't decided anything yet. Got so many more things going on right now that it's a little further down the list. Good luck!

Teresa said...

I have thought of painting the fireplace in my living room, but have not gotten the courage to do it. I will be watching to see how yours turns out