Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Post 1,256} Brown and Pink Stars

It is very rare for me to abandon a project.  I can't even think of when I ever did that.  But this one must go.  I have less than no interest in it.  If someone wants to take my UFO and work on it, I'll mail it to you.  Here is what I have finished.  I have other star pieces and some backgrounds cut out (you can use these to cut more if you wish).  I was hand-piecing these.

The stars measure about 5-1/2" square when finished.  All these fabrics are Thimbleberries.


regan said...

Seriously!?! I love these stars! They're beautiful. If you truly don't want to finish it.....I'd love to! :o)

Teresa said...

I too love these blocks, but I have to much on my plate as is. That is so nice of you to offer to give item away.