Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{Post 1,253} Center of 501 Finished and Fall Quilt for Sale

Here is the center of my 501 quilt.  Now I have to put on a single-fabric blue border, a border of 4-patches that are already pieced, and then a wider blue border.

For a change of pace around here for the fall decor, I ordered a kit for a scarecrow quilt.  I have enough for at least 2 of them, except for the buttons for the eyes on the faces and on the jacket.  Yesterday I made one I am going to sell to recoup the price of my kit!  One can never get the money for their time.  And this did take quite a bit of time...especially zigzagging down all the pieces with invisible thread.  But I like it, and it's worth it to me to have my quilt paid for if this one sells.  My store on Etsy is called ShelbyStitcher.  Check it out sometime.  

Since I didn't want to hunt high and low for tiny buttons, I am saving them for MY quilt.  This one has the "buttons" painted on:


Janet O. said...

Your 501 quilt is looking very good. That is a lot of little patches sewn up to make that beauty.
Very cute scarecrow quilt. Hope it sells quickly for you!

Michelle said...

Oh the little scarecrow is adorable! How cool you got two for one! Definitely love your's definitely on my list after I'm finished with my mini 9-patch leader/ender. :)

Ruth said...

No wonder you hadn't posted for a little while - you were quite busy! The scarecrow is darling and I'm sure it will sell for you. The 501 (?) is going to be stunning!