Monday, August 26, 2013

{Post 1,244} Three More Blocks on the Wall

Here are the blocks completed so far.  The bottom three were given new life today!

I have some close-up of the fabrics so you can see how lovely ugly some really are...but I like them anyways!

For your chuckle for the day...I asked my son to get empty hangers from his closet to bring to the laundry room.  "I don't have any" was his response.  I went to look for myself.  This is only part of what I found.  I felt like the mom in the Zits cartoon.  I tried to get the ones off the closet floor, but when I bent down, the ones on my arm started falling off.


Janet O. said...

I have a set of blocks I bought off ebay a few years ago whose fabrics display similar loveliness! : )
As to the hangers and your son--been there, done that! *LOL*

momtofatdogs said...

The Laundry Fairy at our house (aka: ME) requires that if clothes want to be hung up? The hangers need to be all in one spot. I won't hunt them, and I won't hang clothes up if there are not hangers in the allocated "spot". The Laundry Fairy dispises laundry.