Monday, July 1, 2013

{Post 1,191} Baby and Blossoms

Yesterday I saw all my children except my son who lives in AZ.  My grandson is growing like a weed.  Speaking of weeds, I weeded this flower bed this evening for about 30 minutes.  My hubby had been mowing the lawn, but came over the joined me in the fun and rewarding experience of turning THIS:

Into THIS:

Here are some lilies in my front yard:

Black-eyed Susan:

Here's the cutest baby in the world.  No bias here:

Close-up of those chunker legs.  He is well nourished.  My daughter and SIL are taking excellent care of him.  He lacks for nothing :)

Yes, I went in and took pictures of him while he was sleeping.  I am that kind of grandmother!  Can't get enough of the little nipper.


Kath said...

Gorgeous indeed! I'd love a cuddle!

(I had to smile, as I had legs like that when I was a baby and they've never changed..)

Ruth said...

I understand completely! He looks very healthy indeed!