Sunday, June 16, 2013

{Post 1,185} Quick Project

I had seen these little bags on Pinterest.  They are on my sewing board if you are interested.  I thought my girls (especially Rachel, my self-named Hunny Bunny) would like them for traveling.  You know--to keep things (unders) together in the ole suitcase.  Rachel is going to two camps and a couple shorter trips this summer.  

I made these two tonight in about 15 minutes each.  The first one was slower because I was reading directions!

They measure about 12" wide and 10-1/2" tall.  My mom bought me the mesh at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  We don't have one anywhere near where I live, but there's one close to her.  It also comes in black.  A yard will make 6 bags.

If you make one of these, here's what I found out...the mesh is super easy to work with, easy to secure with pins, did not stretch much.  All those things are contrary to what the directions indicated.  Just don't pull on it (there's no reason).  I see more of these in my future!  When putting the binding on the sides, sew it to the back and pull it around to the front to topstitch.  Voila!

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regan said...

These are awesome!