Monday, June 10, 2013

{Post 1,183} New Camera!!!

My new camera came today.  It is smaller and thinner than my old one, which seemed small to me.  

Here is my first picture.  I have my computer at the kitchen table, so I just looked to the left and snapped.  It's the corner of my current kitchen quilt...a quilt whose name I can't remember by Little Quilts.  I think it's called Homecoming.

Here's the whole thing, also with the new camera.  I was lazy and didn't stand up.  I just leaned over the kitchen table.  The camera really captures the true color of my kitchen walls.

My dad recommended this camera.  Thanks, Dad.  You were right again!  OH, how I would love to hear MY children say that to me!!!


Kath said...

You know what they say Joan, "A mothers place is in the wrong".
In our house, we have a saying, it means "I have given you my advice and if you choose to ignore it, on your head be it" we say M.K.B!
which is "Mother Knows Best".

Anyway, I love that quilt,exactly my colours and you pieced it So neatly!

Janet O. said...

Love Kath's comment!
That is a very fun quilt--and you really do have a red wall there. : ) Fits in well with so many holidays.

momtofatdogs said... oldest daughter didn't DO that until she was around 27....I think my youngest daughter is going to be 57 before she EVER says that. And means it....

That camera takes really sharp photos!


MARCIE said...

This quilt is such a classic! I love it! Congrats on the new camera! I looks like it works!