Monday, June 3, 2013

{Post 1,181} Catching Up

I haven't been posting a lot for several reasons.  The primary reason is that my camera broke.  I thought it was just needing a new battery (the old one was purchased in 2009!).  So I ordered a new one, and it came in after a few days.  Still not working!  I ordered a new camera Saturday.  Of course, that means learning a new camera.    I don't like learning new things that previously were second-nature.  But I shall learn again!

Last week I started putting out patriotic decor.  In January I bought a very faded wooden flag hanger that had potential.  Problem was, I couldn't find it.  Hmmm...

Found it this AM in the storage cabinets in my laundry room.  Oh, yeah, why didn't I look there in the first place?  Well, truth is, I did.  I just didn't see it.  There were a few things in the way.  So I purged and reorganized those four 6-feet tall cabinets this AM.  Here it is on the wall outside my front door.  Picture taken with my Acer tablet (another new skill!):

The search for the missing flag sparked a clean-o-rama here at the Parker Ranchero.  I started with our "under-steps closet".  You know, the one under your steps that has an awkward diagonal receding back wall and little storage space?  The one that you stuff with so much stuff that you can't get to the shelves at the back?  The one where the pile of new return vent filters are sliding all over a shelf?  The one where the box of your paints and brushes has spilled all over the floor, but you can't reach them because you'd have to risk life and limb to collect them again?  What--you don't have one of these?  Well, I do, and now ours has...wait for it...EMPTY shelves and floor space!!!  

The transformation was so inspiring that Saturday I did the next biggest trash heap--my walk-in closet.  My husband and I both have walk-in closets.  They are not huge, but they are there.  Mine would more accurately be called a lean-in closet, because I literally could not step one foot in there.  I grudgingly pulled EVERYTHING out of it (except my hanging clothes) and went through each and every item.  I went through each item on my hanging rod as well.  Ended up with 2 garbage bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill.  

My other reason for starting with these two closets was so I could move some of my seasonal wreaths and non-quilt wall hangings to the understeps closet.  That would keep them all together, and I can turn around in my closet without fear of losing an eye to a grapevine end or a wayward pine branch.

This AM I sewed a little while.  I have my Shooting Star blocks laid out on my design walls.  I put both walls together so I could spread out the whole quilt top.  I have two rows completely pieced and have the third laid out and partially sewn.

On the left side is a signature quilt I am making for a wedding that is in a couple weeks.  The cream has a little print in it.  I'll show a close-up later (after my new camera arrives and is used into submission).  It will be 14 x 16 blocks (4" finished) with a 4" border all around.

The missing block in my Shooting Star quilt is under the foot of my sewing machine.  I'm using the parts for leader/enders while I sew the wedding quilt.

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Elaine Adair said...

Wooo Hooo on being able to use your new camera so quickly!! And FINDING what you were looking for as well. Another BIGGER Wooo Hooo for the closet cleaning attack - you must feel invincible now!!! Doesn't it seem that doing one small thing can lead to bigger and better?

Love the plaid/star project - plaid always look so friendly, doesn't it?