Friday, May 17, 2013

{Post 1,178} New Hexie Project

This is my new hexagon project (handwork for traveling and waiting places).  I wasn't going to start one of these, but I like the handwork for keeping busy on the road.  We've been traveling a lot lately, but it does come in spurts.

I saw a hexagon project lately where some of the blossoms were fussy cut.  I don't have a lot of fabrics with which I can do that, but there are a few.  So I am embarking on a queen-sized hand made (cut, sewn, quilted) quilt so I can sleep under it a few times before my kids put me in a nursing home.  Thinking l-o-n-g term here!

Yesterday the mailman brought me the little diamond pieces.  Whew--they are tiny.  When I first saw them, I assumed they were the wrong size, but no--perfect fit!  They are one-inch long on one side.  The hexagons are also one-inch long per side.  

My plan for now is to sew a blossom all the way out to the cream ring then join it to the mother ship.  We'll see how that goes.

In the picture, the green diamonds are not sewn onto the blossom.  I just wanted to show how it would look (sorta) when they would be.  I am making the greens scrappy.  


Kath said...

I shall follow this with interest Joan as I love to paper piece. I am working on a double Irish chain. Not the immediate choice for PP but it is working out very nicely.

Teresa said...

Sure is a good start and I do love the color red!

Janet O. said...

You will probably finish yours before I finish mine. I started at least 15 years ago!
This is a very pretty start!

Leeanne said...

Mmmm very pretty......loving the red!!
You can join me as I EPP Dresden plates........this will be a long project for me, but what's the rush. It's nice to have grab project to do when travelling.
I might be at it as long as Janet has!!

Elaine Adair said...

I finally FOUND my reading list that had disappeared (thanks Google) and can read about your lovely family gatherings, see all the loving members AND the baby! 8-)) What lovely photos. 8-)) Thank you for letting me be "included"! 8-)))