Saturday, May 4, 2013

{Post 1,172} Flowerbed Work

My husband is such a hard worker.  He has been sprucing up our yard.  We have monkey grass that is so lush and rich around the natural areas.  There are some spots that are overgrowing and some bald spots (no comparisons to those of us later in life, please), and he's been evening it all up.

He has also been working on the second flower bed in front of our house.  We have two large bushes that are in the natural area.  He asked if I wanted them moved to the new flower bed to hide the two big eyesores...the dryer vent and the gas meter.  I said yes.  It was a lot of work.  Never underestimate the awkwardness of a 30-year-old 30,000 lb. bush.  That might be a little exaggeration.

Here are the shots...

Rachel and I weeded for a very long time and nearly completed one of the natural areas.  The trees out front drop many seeds, and they all try to make it!  One big weeding in the spring is usually sufficient.  Every year my knees and back complain more and it takes a little longer.  Today's weather was lovely...very cool.  Thanks, Rachel!!

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Kath said...

that looks much better in it's new home. Thanks to your hard working helpers!