Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Post 1,125} Revolutionary Idea

Do you carry bobbins around in a sewing bag or your purse?  I do.  It's easier than carrying a spool or cone of thread.  The problem is the rat's nest you end up with when you leave it in there for a while.  Problem solved.

See this?  They come in all kinds of colors, sparkly and unsparkly.  In the baby department at Wal-mart.

Here's what you do with it:

I've been using one for a couple days (a cantelope-colored sparkly one) and it doesn't let one bit of that thread off the bobbin before you want it off.

You're welcome.



Valerie said...

What an ingenious idea! I'll definitely keep that tip in the back of my mind. . . : )

watrbug said...

i,ve been doing that for years with my fishing line spools dollar general has the ladies hair elastic cloth bands pap

watrbug said...

i,ve been using these on my fishing line spools for years i get mine at dollar general they work flawlessly pap