Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Post 1,107} Couple New 'Do's

I've tried out a couple new hairdos the past two days.  So many of you have commented on hairdo pics of the past (and I thought you ladies were here so see my quilts!).  So without further ado...here are my last two days' hairdos.

My son, Isaac, took both pictures.  He was much closer in the second one, so the flash made my hair look lighter.  It couldn't look that gray in person, right (cough, cough)??

The top one, I braided from my neckline up in a French braid.  When I used up about half of my hair, I braided the rest in a regular braid and secured with an clear elastic.  Then I pulled the top front half of my hair into a bun, secured it with 2 bobby pins and then wrapped the tail of the braid around and secured it.

The second one was much simpler.  I twisted both sides of my hair to the center back, leaving about 2" of hair down the center untwisted.  Then I did a regular braid with the left side, center hair, and right side.  Secured the end and then twisted it into a bun, again securing with 3 (I think) bobby pins.  

I used to wear one of those octopus-looking hair clips on a French-twist type thing for months.  This seems so streamline and neat.  It's my new-grandma look (just practicing for now!).


Connie said...

I like the hairdos you done a good job on it.. have fun!!

Ruth said...

I like the second one best. My problem is that whenever I try a style that I see in a picture, it doesn't work out for me. I think I'll try this one tomorrow morning. If it doesn't work I'll do my regular bun. Hair is such a pain!

Kath said...

Fancy having all that beautiful hair to play with. Most of my friends have resorted to short hair as theirs has thinned so much. I'm hanging onto my curls for as long as possible :-D

Christina said...

I like the last one! :) how soon will you be a Grandma?? I know it has to be soon! :)