Saturday, December 1, 2012

{Post 1,094} Bedroom Update Part 1

While I am not completely finished, I have made great progress.  My desk is completely cleaned off and organized. I even set up my charging station for my iPod, phone, camera, and tablet (back left corner).  I have always set my lamp up on something, and the station itself is the perfect height.  All things from the top have been put away.

Before and after (and notice in the before that my computer isn't even on the desk):

Here's a better picture of my bathroom with the flower arrangement:

I went through all my wall quilts that are not hanging right now and got them rolled up and put in the cedar chest in my room.

Here is the chest of drawers before and after:

I had to do a slight repair on my December "Count on It" quilt.  Where baby Jesus' neck and "shirt" touch, the red showed through the flesh-colored fabric.  I held my breath and cut into the quilt from the back, feeling like a textile surgeon.  The operation was a success.  AND I have a cleared-off chest of drawer top.  This and the cedar chest are my two hot spots in this room that attract clutter.

Off to do 48 hours worth of dishes (we've hardly been home) and make a dessert for a luncheon tomorrow!



momtofatdogs said...

I need some organizing/cleaning at myhouse! Are you available? I only need it upstairs in our family room. Desk(s), Bookcases, and the best for last....MY SEWING ROOM !!!!

It all looks beautiful.


Lurline said...

Wonderful! Please come and help me, lol!
Hugs - Lurline.