Thursday, October 4, 2012

{Post 1,064} Modern Baby Quilt

I wonder how well this font color will show up?  In case you haven't noticed, I match my font color to the item I'm blogging about.  There isn't a color on blogger for this quilt.

This probably should be on my secret blog, but the one for whom I'm making it does not have internet and probably doesn't know I have a blog, so I'm fairly certain it shall remain a surprise.

One night I asked the mother-to-be what type of quilt she'd like me to make her.  I usually (ok--never) ask.  I just make something and give it.  For some odd reason I felt compelled to ask this time.  She said something modern (yes, my heart nearly stopped) in bright pinks and bright oranges (yes, the ticker skipped a few at this comment).  I tried to act natural, like I made bright pink and orange modern quilts all.  the.  time.  Inside, I was thinking "What in the world?  How does one make a modern quilt?  Who would want a bright pink and orange quilt?"  

Well, I recovered and planned, and here's what I have so far.  My intention is to make this pick-up sticks of various widths were dropped onto a white-on-white floor.  Here are pictures stick by stick:

On the last picture I did not crop out the edges of what started out being a square of fabric.  I am going to trim it down then add perhaps a couple more slices of color.  I was inspired by the designs in my new machine quilting book by Angela Walters.  All the quilts in there are modern quilts.  I am going to quilt each section with a different modern design.  Talk about being outside one's comfort zone!!



Janet O. said...

This would definitely be out of my comfort zone. When I see the baby quilts young mothers love these days I wonder what happened to the softly colored, sweet things we used to wrap around our babes.

Ruth said...

I can relate! I just won Angela Walters quilting book from the Sewcalgal's FMQ monthly drawing! There are a lot of good ideas in it for modern quilts (which I never make), but actually, many of the ideas will work for quilts that I make, such as table runners or maybe even sections of other quilts or an overall design. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with this one!