Monday, June 4, 2012

{Post #983} Barnyard Center Finished

I also laid out a potential border for the Bricks in the Barnyard quilt.  The center of this is all pieced and sewn together.  After the center was finished, I spied my stack of yet-unused rectangles and squares.  I laid them out on two sides of the quilt.  I wanted a thin border, and this might fill the bill.  Maybe a plain blue one would be better?

Without the border, the quilt is 36" square.  If I make that border and add it to all the sides, it will be 40" square.  That is about the size I like to make all my baby quilts.  One WOF fills the back, and it's not too big to lug around with a newborn.  

One nice thing about having all these baby quilts to finish is that I get the pattern "out of my system" and have a nice finish as well, albeit a small one.  Do you have a pattern you just HAVE to make?  I have books full of them!

This is for my daughter's SIL.  I was hoping to finish it by the time my daughter arrives on Friday AM.  Isaac has FOUR baseball games this week.  That seriously cuts into my piecing time.  As it was, I stayed up till after midnight getting this one finished last night.  

I will be feeding 18 people most meals from Friday AM until Monday afternoon, so a lot more time in the kitchen for me.  I have a plan in place, but time will tell if it actually works out.  Lots of shopping, cooking, and cleaning in my next few days.


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Me and My Stitches said...

You are going to be a busy girl, but knowing you, you will probably still finish a couple of quilts this week too!