Saturday, March 31, 2012

{Post #947} Scrappy Trips Top Finished

I have been up since 4 AM (nap coming later this afternoon).  Rachel had to be at a meeting place at 6 AM for a competition some of our church children are attending.  So I've been sewing a little this AM.

Here is my completed Scrappy Trips top.  I used up some of my still leftover watercolor strips for the border.  

Now for a few close-ups.  When you see the diversity of these fabrics, you will wonder if I have another screw loose (thanks, Julie).

The point is...ANYthing goes in these scrappy quilts.  As I have preached in the past...just spread out the attention-getting prints.

The inner border is the BACK of a brushed cotton fabric.  It's 1/2" finished.  Then I cut my 6" watercolor border that was left over into 3 two-inch strips (and I still have some left over!).

My next task is to have the patience to cut an entire scrappy bargello out of plaids.  I have started using salad or spinach plastic boxes for storing kits in progress.  I will need to clean out from under my cutting table (I cringe at the thought) to make room for more storage boxes.  I am the president of the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" club.  We meet right next to Procrastinators Anonymous.

This quilt top measures about 41-1/2" now.  After I finish my Florabunda quilting, I will pop this one on next.


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