Monday, March 19, 2012

{Post #937} Railing Removal

I have hated this railing since we moved into this house 6 years ago.  Every spring I would scrape and sand it down and repaint it (and that took some doin', let me assure you).  No matter how perfectly it was primed and painted, it still peeled every spring.  

One of our house upgrades this year is removing the wooden railing and replacing it with a new black wrought iron one.  Our flower bed installation might be happening Saturday, so my husband graciously removed the railing today.  Soon I will fill in the nail holes and repaint the wooden trim.  Tearing the railing off did not damage it too badly, which is nice.  At least we don't have to replace whole pieces of wood.  

Our house has changed so much since we moved in.  I wish I had a picture from way back then.  We had an ugly white storm door that I removed.  There were 6 large hardwood trees we had removed (don't worry--there are plenty left!).  One completely blocked the view of the front door from the street.  I painted the door and shutters this lovely red.  Halfway gone: 

Here is the new look without the chunky, peeling railing:

I saw some lovely bushes at Lowe's today.  I was there to get a vent something or other (it's on the left side on the ground in the last picture).  It is to put around our gas meter so the dirt won't get onto it.  I have to get another one as this one does not come out from the house far enough.  When I go back to get the other vent thing, I'm going to get two of the bushes I liked.  There weren't that many of them, and if they're like any other bushes and flowers, once they are gone, they are gone.  

I am going to post separately about a scrumptious granola bar I made this afternoon.


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