Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Post #927} Red Zinger

Here is the progress on my Red Zinger as of this moment.  I also have the bottom selvage border pieced, measured, cut, and ready to sew on.  I would have sewn it on already, but duty calls.

Here is my favorite fabric in the top selvage border...the monkey in the middle.  So cute. 

I'll tell ya...making a selvage quilt is like making a library of your fabrics.  A tiny piece of them all!  Well, at least the ones you've taken the time to cut the selvages off of :)

TTFN, Joan


LuAnn said...

what a great quilt, and I love that border.

Ruth said...

Love it! Very bright and interesting. I am saving my selvages, but didn't used to cut very much off. Lately, I've been cutting them wider. Maybe some day I will get around to making something with them. This would be a good pattern to make!

Kim said...

Love that pattern by Karen, it is on my to do list....and it is for free over at karen's blog the "selvage quilter" :0)
Nice job, Happy Sewing