Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{Post #896} They Are Here!

My new b-friend (that's blog-friend for those of you not in the know) Julie sent me a package that arrived today.  She picked up the pattern I mentioned earlier for me (how nice is THAT?) and also sent the necklace I ordered.  Pictures do not do these puppies justice.  It.  is.  so.  beautiful.  The pendant measures a teensy 1-1/2" on the straight edge.  There is glass in front and back (I thought it should have a little sticker that says "break glass in case of emergency", but it doesn't).  It hangs on a satin-y black cord.  I am nearly always wearing a solid-colored T-shirt and a jumper.  So, voila'...perfect for every outfit.

Head on over to Me & My Stitches and get you something!  Well--GO!!



Leeanne said...


Ruth said...

That is so lovely! I watch her blog and have seen them before. Love them!

momtofatdogs said...

I didn't buy the jewelery, but I did go buy that pattern. I like it better than the one that was in the Irish Chain book!


momtofatdogs said...

To give you an update on my pattern purchase..........I have decided that I will make TWO of these quilts. 1 to keep & 1 to gift. I spent Saturday cutting out all the peices for TWO, and have the sub units sewn together ready for cutting into 2" units. I like the ease of this pattrn, but if I were a beginner, I don't think I could DO it as I feel they left some steps out of the instructions, as well as pictures. But maybe that's just ME! I am excited to get as far as I have!