Friday, January 20, 2012

{Post #883} Hexie Update

Saving these pictures was an eye-opener.  These are only the 2nd and 3rd quilt pictures I have saved this entire year.  I knew I hadn't been sewing much, but I didn't realize it had been this little.

Anywho...I went to the flea market with Rachel this AM and got to do a little hand sewing.  This is the progress on my hexagon project, from the front and from the back.

I have not felt well all day, so I sat and stitched a little here and there.  

You can see in the bottom picture that the paper is left on the outermost hexagon, only removed when the next one is placed beside it.


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Natasha said...

Sitting and stitching is the perfect thing to do when you are not feeling well! Very lovely! Did you say what is your intended finished size?

Perhaps within the next two weeks I will be posting an update on my GFG. I hope to make more progress by then.