Monday, November 7, 2011

{Post #844} November Count On It Quilt Finished!

That means I better get a jump on December's before it's 11/30!!  Has anyone "blushed" cheeks on fabric?  Did you use something other than paint?  I am going to experiment with a nativity pattern and "blush" baby Jesus's cheeks before I sew the fabric onto the quilt.

Here is my November quilt.  I like it twice as much as my October one.  Here are some things I did differently that make it more likeable to me. 

I am probably spoiled because I am usually piecing quilt blocks and just use whatever thread without worrying about it matching.  I used clear monofilament thread and zigzagged around all of the applique shapes.  On my first one, I used matching thread and a machine blanket stitch.  I don't like the stitching to show that much!  I only had to change out to coordinating thread for the veins of the leaves.

For this one, I fused the pieces on, then sewed the outside edges to finish the quilt, then did the above zigzagging.  On the first one I did what the directions said and did my applique stitching before assembling the quilt.  That meant I had to quilt it after turning it right side out and all.

I did this hanging sleeve like I do on one of my regular quilts.  The way the book tells you to do it, the sleeve is sewn down before any quilting, so you have to quilt around them, which does not look good along the top of the quilt.

The book also tells one to stitch the opening at the bottom closed by machine.  I did this one by hand, and I think the result is much nicer.

So, overall, I am much more pleased with this one than the last.

On to Baby Jesus!!



Ruth said...

Yes, you use regular blush that you put on your cheeks! I used it on a baby Jesus ornament that I made. I'm not sure if it will stay on real long, but you could always re-apply it as needed. Good idea to stitch around the applique as the way of quilting too.

Susan said...

I blushed the cheeks of my Santas when I made my Santa sampler several years ago and I used my blush and a small craft brush. I've never had to retouch it and it looks as good today as the day I did it. I did use a light tough when applying the blush tho so as to not get their cheeks too dark. P.S. Still no hexies, but have lots of yo-yo's :o)

Stephanie said...

This is a very pretty block. Great job. I have yet to use mono-filament thread so you are up on me!

Jean Carlton said...

I just found your blog and enjoy it very much. I was posting a Hearts and Gizzards vintage crib quilt and googled to see other names - that's how I found your photo. I relate to potholders, too. I am making a bunch now for gifts - the kids expect one every year and I love making them. I'm going to steal your tic-tac-toe idea...use denim, 6", ticking back...think they will make a cute set. I've also made an Apple Core quilts - funny how many things we quilters have in common.Thanks!