Saturday, September 24, 2011

{Post #812} Quilting Frame Moved

This AM my quilt frame was moved down to the sewing room.  Yesterday Susie and I made way for it by moving around everything in my sewing room.  She helped make it short work.

See who is in the window of the sliding glass door trying to see what's happening??  Our curious Pepper.  With the new room set-up, I don't have to be looking in her sad puppy eyes with her begging me to come out and play every time I sit down to sew at my sewing machine.

Moving around nearly everything in our bedroom today.  We put a recliner and rocking chair where the frame used to be in our bedroom.  It will be a nice place to sit and relax to hand sew, read, etc.



Leeanne said...

Sounds like you will have a nice set up. Pepper is your 'supervisor'

elisabeth said...

This is a comment from Pepper's spokesperson...and I quote; "COME PLAY WITH ME!!!!!! You know you love me! If you come out I will...SQUIRREL!!! Grandma come out!!! :D"