Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Post #800} I Gone And Did It

I just did something I have not done in years.  But is was time.  There just isn't room for everyone and everything.

I listed 3 of my quilt tops on eBay.  And I'm not sorry (yet!).  The first one is a top that I like soooo much.  I had planned on hand quilting it.  But it doesn't really match any room in my house.  And I would have liked it to be bigger if I was going to paint a room to match it.  And...you can see why it is on eBay.  Here it is...

The other two are recently made.  I like them both but have quilts I use in their places for those holidays.  I thought of finishing them to give to someone else.  But there are so many variables in what a person likes that I didn't want to chance giving something to someone who would never use it.  Can you relate?

Check out my auctions if you want...



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